Investigating Normal: Adaptive and Assi

About this Blog

Adaptive Assistive: Investigating Normal Technologies is a course taught by Sara Hendren, artist, design researcher, and professor. The goal of the class is to investigate assistive devices and the narratives surrounding them.

In this course, I have chosen to investigate prosthetic limbs specifically. The goal of my investigation will be to examine how these types of devices can be used to reflect their user’s identity, and function as critical and interrogative pieces, above the practical function they already perform.

Project Timeline


In-class: Set up blog and tumblr, begin ideation.


In-class: Rate ideas, begin using processing.

Due: 100 Ideas


In-class: Begin Processing visualization

Due: Presentation / 1-page article


In-class: Journal, begin sketch modeling

Due: Processing — visualization progress


In-class: Continue processing visualization, sketch modeling

Due: Continue processing visualization, journal: why do art, sketch modeling


In-class: Continue sketch modeling

Due: Finish processing visualization


In-class: Begin final model

Due: Sketch models


Thanksgiving Break


In-class: Continue working on final model


In-class: Complete final model, prepare for expo.

Due: Final deliverable finished or near completion.


Olin Exposition

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